6 Things You Should Know About an RGH/JTAG Xbox 360

Have you ever heard of a JTAG Xbox 360? A JTAG was a modified Xbox 360 that allowed home brew and mods for games such as call of duty to run on the console. The JTAG hack was patched and now there is an RGH. RGH stands for “Reset Glitch Hack”.

If you play Black Ops 2 Online and see flashing gamer tags and flying players, it is most likely the lobby is being hosted by someone who has an RGH’d Xbox 360 and many people think it’s very cool.

Are you looking to buy an RGH Xbox 360 and are unsure about it?

Well, here are 6 things you should know about an RGH/JTAG before you buy one. 

bo2 jiggy 4.5 co-host

1. Capable of modifying games such as Call of Duty – 

An RGH can be used to modify games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Many people who buy co-host for $4 get very happy when they see all of the game’s real capabilities. It is well worth the money to see what all the game can really do. Any game can be modified but that depends on if someone actually coded modifications for the game. The good thing is that mods work offline or online!

2. Slightly Longer Boot Times – 

An RGH is not a normal Xbox 360. It requires a few more seconds to boot up because the mod/glitch chip inside the console needs to send pulses to the CPU so it can run unsigned code (homebrew). Every console is different but most won’t take longer than 30 seconds to boot up. Boot times can also depend on the hack type. There are various ways an Xbox 360 can be RGH’d. The most common is RGH1, RGH2, and RGH 1.2. The glitch type in this video is RGH1 on a Jasper motherboard.

3. You can’t connect to Xbox LIVE without one thing – A Stealth Server

Once you get an RGH, you cannot connect online without buying stealth server time. Dashlaunch is a homebrew software that needs to be installed to the RGH to run the stealth server and many other plugins in the background upon booting the console and it also blocks the Xbox LIVE connection to prevent the console from getting instantly banned. Stealth server prices can vary depending on who you go for.


The best but most expensive. They offer offhost mods on all call of duty games, a 2 year+ KV life, and the best GTA 5 mod menu to ever exist: “The African Engine”.


The second best and pretty affordable, has KV life of 2 months+ in my experience, and has a very decent offhost mod menu.

There are other servers out there if you google them but these two servers are extremely competitive so you might be able to squeeze into one of them when they enter freemode so you save your money.

How to install dashlaunch/stealth server 

4. Hard to GET banned, Easy to UNBAN!

One day you are eventually going to get console/account banned from Xbox LIVE. No worries! It will only cost $5 or less to unban your self and get to playing on Xbox LIVE again. All you have to do is buy what you call a “KV”. A KV is a file within the security that can determine if your console is banned or not. Just simply buy a new one, transfer it to your hard drive, clear cache, and reboot!

How to change your KV

5. Emulators

Yes, you read that right. You can actually install emulators such as SNES, GameBoy SP, PS2, DOS BOX, and Nintendo to an RGH/JTAG Xbox 360 and play them with your controller! I do not have a guide on how to set it up but just google it, there are plenty of tutorials.

6. Backup your games

I was very impressed about this feature of an RGH/JTAG. You can simply put your disc in the console and make a backup of it using the “Copy DVD to Harddrive” function in a custom dashboard called FreeStyle Dash. The process takes about 10-15 minutes and you will no longer need the disc. This function extracts files from the disc and puts them on your hard drive.


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