Xbox 360 homebrew downloads section. These homebrew apps are very useful if you have an RGH console.

Dashlaunch is one of homebrew apps that is required to operate main functions of the RGH console. It is a program that runs a custom launch.ini in the background.


Xm360 is used to unlock DLC and arcade game demos. It is simple to use and will allow you to unlock DLC you download from the web or arcade games such as Minecraft that you can unlock from their demos to the full game.


Xbox 360 image browser is used to extract ISO games so you can play them without digital ownership licensing. 


XEX Menu should only be used to obtain your RGH ip address so you can connect to Xbox 360 neighborhood from your PC.


Running any type of home brew while being connected to Xbox LIVE will greatly impact your chance of getting banned.

RGH/JTAG Homebrew applications


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