Xbox 360 Trinity RGH2 (Pre-loaded 500GB HDD)

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Have you ever ended up in a modded game lobby and wonder how people are flying across the map or are spawning money in GTA 5? 

Ready to get you hands on a console that allows such things? Well here it is.

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Please be aware what you are buying. An RGH/JTAG console is not a regular Xbox 360. ShadowModz does not provide support on RGH/JTAG hacks. We do have a guide here that shows how to set it up. Please do your research before buying! We only provide the RGH/JTAG console or service, XEX menu, Aurora, and Dashlaunch. 

What this Console Includes – 

  • 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Nand + Keys (upon request!)
  • Aurora, XeX Menu, & Dashlaunch Pre-installed
  • Latest System Update
  • Clean KV

Xbox 360 Trinity RGH for sale. (FREE SHIPPING VIA USPS)

This console has the same function as the JTAG hack.

An x360 Ace V3 chip will be installed. boot time is different for every console.

The following console includes a preloaded 500gb hard drive

The following will be installed:

Xex menu



Your order will be shipped within 4-8 days of purchase. We ship only in the U.S. No worldwide shipping.

Any questions? Feel free to PM us on Facebook HERE 

Looking for an RGH install service? Click HERE – Only $65 w/return shipping included!

These RGH consoles are unique because they are capable of running homebrew apps and allow you to modify games such as call of duty or GTA 5. You might’ve been in an online match and noticed that you can jump high in the air or someone has a custom colored gamer-tag on the leaderboards, lobby, or kill feed.



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