Xbox 360 Repair Guide (Fix at home)

Xbox 360 consoles have been a hard platform to maintain ever since the release on November 22, 2005. There has been several different console models due to the main problem – overheating. 

Overheating is the biggest problem with Xbox 360 phats (white consoles) This particular problem produced a red illumination around the power button and is known for being called the Red Ring of Death (RROD).

Customers who were covered under the three-year warranty were able to send their Xbox 360 consoles to Microsoft for a RROD repair. Those that did not have a warranty had to pay more than $100 to get their console repaired. As of October 2017, this repair price is still over one-hundred bucks. 

Don’t waste your money on a repair service. There are actually ways you can fix your console at home with no special equipment.

The ultimate Xbox 360 fix guide & videos to permanently repair all your Xbox 360 Red Rings of Death errors in less than an hour with common household items guaranteed or your money back!

This is not some shaky poor guide with hidden costs that have you raiding a hardware store to get your Xbox 360 fixed. We offer a variety of features along with your purchase making this the most useful and money-saving guide in the game repair market:

  • Easy to follow step by step detailed videos – Just follow the steps one by one 

  • Easy to follow step by step instructions – A step by step PDF guide with full color pictures that ANY one can follow!

  • My personal online support – 24 hour a day personal email support!

  • No need to buy any equipment – Using only common household tools & items!

  • Permanent fix – Flat out guaranteed! You will never have to do this again.

  • Exclusive Xbox 360 membership site – Get full access to our exclusive Xbox 360 membership site. Inside you will get all the information you need in order to make the best of your Xbox 360! Also, get free games, find out how to fix other problems that occur, and much more! Constantly updated with videos!

  • Immediate download – Download is made immediately after payment is made, even at 2 AM!

  • Best price GUARANTEED – Best price you will EVER get GUARANTEED – if you ever find that this guide is not the best price and value I will give you your money back immediately!  

  • Works on all Xbox versions – This fix is suitable for all Xbox versions (The old Xbox 360 core and arcade, Xbox 360 (also known as premium or pro) and Xbox 360 elite.

  • Enhance you Xbox 360 performance – This repair will enhance your Xbox 360 performance like it was never before! No freeze ups, no hassles! You will see that your console works faster than ever!

“Does my Xbox 360 ultimate repair guide really work?”

I will give you some fresh short testimonials from every day parents who fixed their children’s Xbox 360: 


2. “product is just as explained, great information. A+++++”(Carl Dens)

3. “Excellent service. Thank you! A *” (Kristin Cobain) 

4. “Good info. Well worth the buy. Thank you” (D.T)

Yes – I would like to purchase the 3RedLightFix repair guide and videos

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