How to use an RGH – Beginners Guide 2017

What is an RGH?

An RGH (Reset Glitch hack) is a hack that allows an Xbox 360 to run unsigned code (homebrew) such as XEX Menu, Aurora, & Dashlaunch.

An RGH is an updated version of the JTAG hack. If you see modders in a game or what some people call, “hackers”, they are using an RGH console for these mods. 

The Basics: Installing XEX Menu (already pre-loaded if you purchase from shadowmodz)

The very first homebrew app you will need is XEX Menu. Follow the instructions on how to install this software on an RGH system.

  1. Download Xex Menu

         2. Create a new folder on your USB flash drive and name it “Content” 

3. Open the “Content” folder and create a new folder within that one. Rename it to “0000000000000000There must be 16 zeros as the name of this folder for this to work.

4. Open the xex menu zip file you just downloaded and go to the “live” folder.

5. Drag “CODE9999” into the folder with the 16 zeros that is on the flash drive.

It should now look like this:

Installing to Hard Drive (Last Step)

  1. Eject the flash drive from the PC and Plug it into your Xbox 360 RGH Console.
  2. Head over to settings>system settings>memory>usb storage device>game demos>xex menu 1.1

Move xex menu 1.1 to your hard drive.


The Basics: Installing Dashlaunch (already preloaded if you purchase from shadowmodz)

Dashlaunch is a homebrew app that you are always going to be using. Dashlaunch is used to set plug ins and launch configuration settings. Very simple and easy to install.

1. Download Dashlaunch

2. Download and install winrar

3. Open the dashlaunch folder with winrar that you just downloaded.

4. Copy the “dash_launch_v3.18.1” folder to your USB flash drive.

5. Eject the USB flash drive and plug it into your RGH Xbox.

6. Open XeX menu

7. Use the right bumper on the controller to navigate to your flash drive once you are in xex menu. 

If you can’t find it, just press x on every page until a selection of devices appears. Choose USB0.

8. Hover over dashlaunch and click y then choose “copy”

Press “X’ and go to “HDD1”

Once you are in HDD1, press “y” again.

Choose “paste


The Basics: Installing Xbox 360 neighborhood

Xbox 360 neighborhood is a very useful PC tool that lets you transfer files between your console and PC plus allows you to remotely launch games and xex (executables)

  1. Download Xbox 360 Neighborhood & xbdm.xex
  2. Move xbdm.xex to the root of your HDD using a USB Flash Drive
  3. Go to dashlaunch and set xbdm.xex as plugin 1
  4. Click RB and go to HDD, hit X to save and A to load.
  5. Restart RGH
  6. Install Xbox 360 neighborhood to your PC.
  7. Open XEX Menu on the console and keep clicking RB to find your IP address
  8. In the set up for Xbox 360 neighborhood, it will ask for your console’s IP address. Type in your IP address.

 You should now be all set to go! 

Launch extracted ISOs by their “default.xex” or “default_mp.xex executables.

The Basics: Installing a stealth server (Skip this if you are not going on Xbox LIVE)

Installing a stealth server (same method for every stealth server)

installing a stealth server is very easy and involves moving it to your HDD then setting it as a plug in within dashlaunch.

  1. Download a stealth server of your choice. I recommend XbOnline because it is a great server, cheap, and offers off host modifications for COD games. Link –
  2. Open Xbox 360 neighborhood and drag your XbOnline.xex into the root of your HDD.
  3. Start up dashlaunch on your RGH/JTAG console and set XbOnline as plugin 2.
  4. Use RB to navigate to storage devices and go to HDD1. Press X to save and then A to load the plugin. 
  5. After it says plugin saved and loaded, Turn the console off then turn it back on with the network cable connected.
  6. Go to the website for XbOnline and they will have options to buy your token. 

The Basics: Installing mod menus

Installing mod menus will be the last step for the basic RGH set up guide. This will allow you to host modded lobbies online.

Examples: GTA 5 & BO2 GSC Menus

GTA 5: The Dream.xex

The dream is my favorite mod menu to use on GTA 5 so I will be choosing this plus it’s free. 

  1. Download TheDream.xex
  2. Using Xbox 360 neighborhood, put TheDream.xex on the root of your HDD
  3. Set TheDream.xex as a plugin in Dashlaunch
  4. Restart Xbox 360 console

Black Ops 2 Jiggy 4.5

  1. Download menu & GSC loader
  2. Read the instructions on the READ ME txt file.

The Basics: How to unban your RGH/JTAG console

Buy a KV.bin from A KV.bin is a file that is in your nand that determines if you console is banned. Every console has this file but if you follow my guide, I will show you how to unban your RGH/JTAG console with a new kv.bin. Follow these directions carefully and step by step!!

  1. Buy the KV.bin. 
  2. It will be available to download after you buy it. Download it.
  3. Move it to your USB flash drive
  4. Turn your RGH on
  5. Plug your USB flash drive into your RGH/JTAG console
  6. Go to XEX menu and transfer the KV.bin from your USB flash drive to HDD1.
  7. Restart your console. After you restart it, it will automatically restart and you should now be unbanned!

The Basics: FreeStyle Dash 3

Q. What is FreeStyle Dash?

A. FreeStyle Dash is a custom dashboard for RGH/JTAGs.

Features of FSD:

  • File Manager
  • Games Library
  • Emulators Library 
  • Play online with other RGH/JTAG users with the LiNK service (specifically made for RGH/JTAG users & it’s free!)
  • Copy GAME DISC to Hard Drive (Disc no longer needed!)
  • Change fan speed of console 
  • FTP files from your android phone or PC (neighborhood is better for PC)

And more!

Tutorial: How to install FreeStyle Dash 3:

  1. Download FreeStyle Dash here and put it somewhere on your desktop.
  2. Extract FreeStyleDash
  3. Plug your USB flash drive into your PC
  4. Open up your USB and drag FreeStyle dash into the root of your USB
  5. Unplug your USB flash drive and plug it into your RGH.
  6. Transfer FreeStyleDash to your hdd1 in XEX menu. 
  7. Start FreeStyleDash by Hdd1>FreeStyleDash>default.xex
  8. Done. 


How to rip game disc to HDD

Ripping your game to the hard drive allows you to play the game without the disc. 

  1. Open Free Style Dash 3 
  2. Scroll down to the “Utilities” tab. 
  3. Scroll right to “DVD Extract”
  4. Open it and put your game disc in the console.
  5. Your destination path is where you want the game stored. I recommend creating a directory called “games” under hdd1 and choosing that. 
  6. Click “start copy”

The process should take anywhere from 5-10 minutes depending on the game. 

Common RGH/JTAG issues – Beginner’s guide 2017

RGH Freezing on Boot animation fix

If your RGH/JTAG console freezes on the boot animation, it is most likely due to a bad plugin/corrupt plugin. Please at least try this if your console is freezing at the boot animation. 

Option A – Power the console on then right after, press the eject button. 

Option B – Download a clean launch.ini

  1. Extract the file
  2. Drag and drop launch.ini into the root of your USB stick
  3. Plug the USB stick into your RGH/JTAG and start the console up.

After the console is booted back up, you need to reset your plugins then restart your RGH/JTAG. If the same problem occurs, make sure you have the latest updates. (stealth server updates, mod menu updates etc)  

Fatal Crash Intercepted error fix

Loading up a mod menu or game and get the fatal crash intercepted error? Here is a possible fix for that issue. 

  1. The problem could be your cache. Go to your dashboard and clear your cache 3 times in system settings>memory>HDD1>Press Y and A on Clear system cache. 
  2. Check your title updates! If you are online, its not the title update but a outdated mod or tool you are using. Find an updated version such as ApparitionNET Studio (Google Search) . This tool is constantly updated! 

Black Screen/Not Booting Up

  • Check for a pulse light (a small led will blink roughly every 5 seconds inside the back of the console on top of the AV port in phats or under the DVD drive in slims) if this is blinking this is good it is still trying to boot! If it has been a half hour and still it hasn’t booted but light is blinking try removing the hard drive (maybe corrupt files)
  • Make sure you have a video cable plugged in and your TV on the right input!
  • Did the ring of light on the power button cycle like it always does when it turns on but nothing came on the screen? Your GPU may need a professional reflow/xclamp fix
  • Try another AV Cable or HDMI cable, if HDMI cables aren’t working try switching to AV and vice versa if AV isn’t working. Also make sure you change the TV input!

Freezing/Pixelated (Checkerboard) Screens

While Booting:

  • If it’s RGH1 the pll_bypass (green CR wire) may need re-soldered
  • If you recently flashed the console recently obviously you need to reflash
  • Make sure your Xbox logo is pulsing, if it is that means it’s loading (plugins can cause this)
  • Unplug the hard drive and try to boot, if this works then remove whatever was recently added/changed

During Consoles Use:

  • If it is freezing after not too much use (less than an hour or two) then shutoff let it cool down and next time you boot up let it run on xex menu looking at your temperatures, check back every now and then until it freezes, remember the temperatures it says on the screen (maybe take a pic), repeat the process, if the issue re-occurs see about changing your fan speeds/heatsink tightening/professional reflow/thermal paste replacement 
  • If using mods you might be on wrong title update or your not using them at the right time or they don’t work in general
  • Pixelated/Checkerboard screens are another form of GPU failure it needs the old thermalpaste/heatsink/reflow/reball fix.

Red Ring(s) of Death

Red Ring of death has dozens of causes! Google the error code on the screen. If there isn’t anything showing up on the screen, follow the guide below.

All you have to do is startup your xbox and wait for the red rings to come on, then hold the controller sync button on the console and click the eject button, (the rings will start flashing faster) and count how many red rings are showing. Keep holding the sync button and each time you hit eject it will give you the next number, after you get the 4 digits it will return back to the original red ring(s) of death. The combination it gave is the “secondary error code”.

1 Red Ring=1
2 Red Ring=2
3 Red Ring=3
4 Red Ring=0

Say I hold the controller sync button and click the eject button and get a 4, then again and i get a 1, then again and i get a 1, then again and i get a 4. Then my secondary error code is 0110 and if i go to the right google link, I will see that my Ram Bricks need reflown/reballed.

Christmas Lights

​Merry Christmas!! you most likely flashed a bad KV! Possibly also the wrong KV type. If you have the skills you can hard-solder a JR-Programmer V2 and flash back the NAND. If you bought off ShadowModz, you can send it back and we will only charge $15 to fix the issue! Just contact us at [email protected]

This problem can be easily avoided if you put your new KV on the root of your hard drive and reboot your console. It will reboot by itself then you should be unbanned. Doesn’t matter what KV type you use. It’s just risky if you flash it to the nand. 

Can’t Connect to Xbox Live

  • You need what’s Called Xbox Live Stealth (XbOnline or XBL Ninja)
  • If you have this service but still can’t connect make sure you gave them the correct cpu key and have your plugins set correctly and your launch.ini configured correctly
  • Make sure you’re connected to your network
  • Make sure you have an unbanned KV.bin on the root of your HDD

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