Every gamer has probably been hit offline after playing a game of COD by enraged players. Buying a VPN router may be your only solution for DDoS/DoS attacks.

What is a VPN?

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a remote server that has its own IP address that anyone can connect to that has a subscription to the VPN service so they will not expose their legitimate public IP address and be vulnerable to internet outages caused by DDoS/DoS attacks. If you want to hide your public IP when going online  then there are two options depending on your conditions:

VPN for gaming

If you are gaming on an Xbox one, Xbox 360, Ps3, or PS4, then I highly suggest you to invest in a VPN service that allows a VPN adapter to be created in your computer’s network settings. You can then just connect an ethernet cable to your PC and share the internet connection from the VPN adapter with your gaming console.

VPN for Business/Privacy

If you are a business owner, a heavy gamer, or are just tech savvy, you should be saving up for a VPN router. A VPN router is different from the VPN client you download on your PC as shown above. A VPN router will put all of the devices connected to your internet onto a VPN so you do not have to worry about your public IP address ever being exposed.

Which VPN router is right for me?

Any VPN router will work to hide your IP address. The more expensive, the more speed and features. I will list 6 VPN routers below from Amazon that may fit your budget:


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